What Does Royalty Free Mean?


Stock photography is a set of licensed images that are readily available to be used in media such as prints, websites, periodicals, magazines, books, brochures, etc. Using stock photography saves consumers from highly expensive costs of a photo shoot. Consider the time saved as well, the fees paid for the models, photographers, set or location, directions, editing and other related expenses.

Image licensing is a popular choice these days. There are two types of image licensing which are royalty free and rights managed. What does royalty free mean? Royalty free is a type of license where permission is granted to the buyer to use an image for a less expensive one-time license fee, without having to pay royalty each time the image is repeatedly used. And also, the buyer does not have to pay for the royalty each time the image generated profit.

Although the buyer does not own the image, he has the right to use the image multiple times lawfully without paying further royalty or other additional payments related to the use of the image. On the other hand, rights manage license is a type of license where the buyer purchased an image for a specific time and on a per-use basis. Rights managed images have location restrictions, meaning there are some places where the image cannot be used. But the license allows the buyer to use the image exclusively for the duration of the license period.

The price of the license is commonly determined by the photographer, who is the copyright holder of the material, and the stock photography agencies. The photographer holds the copyright which means he owns the materials and he is allowed to sell his materials multiple times and still generate more profit. Through stock photography agencies, images are sold under a few restrictions depending on the license granted to the buyer. The agencies sell licenses that give the buyers the rights to use a photo in a certain, but not the property of the photo itself. Again, there is no transfer of ownership. The photographer is still the owner of the images.

Generally, royalty free license is cheaper than rights managed.  They are priced licenses widely offered across stock photography industry. They cost at a low price, making them affordably  available for use by different people and companies. Although stock photography agencies have millions of choices, most of them have filtered the images according to popularity and quality. So buyers are most likely to choose from a reduced set of images and possibly choose the same ones. The pricing of the license depends on the usage and availability of the material. As for rights managed images, they are exclusive used on the duration of the licensed period.

There are a lot of royalty free images sold by stock photography agencies online. Among the popular agencies are Shutterstock (www.shutterstock.com), Getty Images (www.gettyimages.com), iStock by Getty Images (www.istock.com), Fotalia by Adobe (www.fotalia.com), Adobe Stock (stock.adobe.com).

The most renowned stock photography agency is the Getty Images which has over 50 million various images and videos for commercial and editorial use. They offer big discounts and savings on large sets of stock photography. Getty Images also owns iStock which has a wide collection of images for commercial uses.

Shutterstock has increasingly grown its collection of 100 million materials. As of to date, they have over 800,000 new stock images added weekly. They also offer subscription and packages for a simpler pricing range.

Fotalia by Adobe and Adobe Stock offer over 55 million royalty free contents. They have subscription offers, depending on your intended use. They have purchase options for single image, package subscriptions and HD and video packages as well.

The best image licensing option for you depends on your projected usage of the content, pricing budget as well.


How to Get the Most of your Cheap Stock Footage

The best thing about cheap stock footage is it gives you high quality videos, even if you do not have adequate time and resources. Several versions of your ideas were already shot by talented contributors all around the world and are made available via stock media agencies. Stock video covers various styles and topics. Many feel authentic and are even more vibrant than you envisioned your creative projects to be. Once you find the video you need, you need to make the most of it using these tips:


  • Stay organized. Staying organized does not only apply to your clutters in the real world, but also to online content. It allows you to prevent spending on cheap stock footage you don’t need just because you are in a hurry. No longer do you have to worry about saving links in your desktop just to find out that they are broken later. What you can do best is to save the ID number of the video and move on to the others until you have a collection of clips relevant to your project.
  • Buy a higher resolution. If your budget allows it, always consider buying cheap stock footage in the highest possible quality. It allows you to use the video in many ways, especially if you are doing similar pieces with similar footage. It may be more expensive than its lower quality counterparts, but it will all be worth it in the long run. Moreover, you may regret not getting the right quality down the road if it does not fit your project.
  • Be creative. If you have access to post-production technology, let yourself get wild. Push your creative limits and make the perfect video that will take your project to a higher level. Choose the tone. Color correct the footage. Color grade it. Match the color and sharpness. Do everything you need to do to make a beautiful result.

Companies all around the world use cheap stock footage in their video productions. They use it for conventions, seminars and other corporate events. It has actually become popular in interviews of VIPs and CEOs using a green background, where stock footage is inserted post-production, to impart a stronger and clearer message. If these companies recognize the importance of stock videos, there is no reason for you not to.

If you already realize the rewards and benefits of cheap stock footage, the next important thing you should worry about is getting the most out of it. You can start by staying organized to avoid purchases you will later regret. Also, be bold. Be creative. Edit the videos to make all the pieces fit together. Stock footage gives you more time and money to create an amazing project. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right footage and start working on it.

Get Free Adobe Stock Images with this Limited Time Offer

what is adobe stockDo you want to find out if Adobe Stock suits your creative needs, without any commitment? Adobe Stock now gives you the opportunity to do so. It has a limited time offer that allows you to access its collection of over 50 million premium stock images and download up to 10 free Adobe Stock images. That’s right! You can now try the stock photo website free for one month. Here is what you need to know about the offer.

The offer is available to new subscribers of the Adobe Stock 10 images per month plan. It can also be added to your existing Creative Cloud plan. It is limited to 1 customer per offer and requires a 12 month subscription. You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible. The offer is not available to OEM and volume licensing customers, and residents of embargoed countries as well. More importantly, it expires on April 30, 2016 so you need to hurry and start your free month now.

When you subscribe to Adobe Stock annual 10 images per month plan, you will be given access to the stock site’s vast collection where you can download and use 10 images per month. You can also purchase additional images at $2.99 each if you need more images than the allowed downloads. You do not have to worry about unused downloads, too. Up to 120 of your remaining downloads can be rolled over to the next month.

By clicking this link, you will receive a one-month refund on Adobe Stock when you subscribe to its 10 images a month annual plan. The subscription is cancel risk free on the first month, enough time to determine whether the website suits your creative needs or not. At the end of your offer term, you will be charged with standard subscription rates automatically.

Summary of Features and Benefits of the Limited Time Offer:


The annual subscription plan required to avail the offer provides great features and benefits. For only $29.99 per month, you can download 10 images a month, purchase additional images at $2.99 each, and rollover unused downloads to the next month. Along with these, you also get to enjoy:

  • 10 free Adobe Stock images
  • Cancel risk free on the first month
  • Refund on the first month

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the offer before it ends. Keep in mind that the offer expires on April 30, 2016. You need to start your free month now to get the rare opportunity of experiencing Adobe Stock for free. Find out if the stock photo website suits your creative needs without commitment. Subscribe and get a refund on the first month today!

Dollar Photo Club Closed, 99 Club Open for Business


Have you heard the latest news in the stock photo industry? The Dollar Photo Club has decided to terminate their services this coming April. While this is bad news for active DPC members, it is not actually all that bad because they get to checkout other stock photo agencies that might have better offers. For one, 99 Club offers fairly the same product as the DPC with even better features and benefits.

If the Dollar Photo Club is a good stock site, why is it closing? After two years of business, the stock photo site has finally decided to terminate its services because it was acquired by Adobe’s very own stock photo agency.  The deal was completed in January 2015 but the actual termination will be on April 15, 2016, providing its users a chance for smoother transition to a better stock site.

What’s the best thing about the DPC closing?

dpc dollar photo club logoWith the Dollar Photo Club closed, users get to find a better stock photo agencies. Surely, there are a lot of websites out there that are more than willing to take in the orphaned DPC members. However, the more important thing is which of them these bereaved users will go to. The termination date is fast approaching. They should already have rounded up to a couple or three choices.

The DPC customer support remains open for further queries. They can pitch their concerns regarding the closure anytime. Once the stock photo site is permanently closed, they can no longer renew their subscriptions which means no payment methods will be charged in the future. The service will not be accessible anymore so they will not have access to their image history anymore.

What stock photo agency should you consider as a Dollar Photo Club alternative?

As mentioned above, a number of stock photo sites are available for the Dollar Photo Club members when the site closes. All of them are great but the orphaned members need something familiar, but better. Luckily, there is one stock site that offers fairly the same product as the DPC, only with better benefits and features. It is curated by Stock Photo Secrets so they can be sure that they are getting premium quality images at very attractive prices.  

99 Club has over 4 million stock images, illustrations and vectors in its library. All of which are available in various sizes from small to XXL. The annual subscription plan includes 200 images, which is twice the allotted download of the Dollar Photo Club. The image downloads do not expire, which means you can use the images forever. Moreover, the website is here to stay. It will be around for over 10 years and members can manually renew their subscription every year.