iStock Prices that are More Valuable than Ever


Now, iStock prices have become more valuable than ever. They are more expensive, but they give you better value for your money. As announced a couple of weeks ago, the stock photo website updated their pricing and plans to provide customers with better purchasing options. Exploring millions of high quality stock images, vectors, videos and music clips have never been better with the new iStock pricing. Find out more about iStock Pricing here.

The stock photo website offers two choices when it comes to purchasing stock images: download credits and subscription plans.

Pay per Download with Credits

With iStock, you can download stock images with credits. There are a number things that you will love about iStock credits. First, they never expire. This means you can use them anytime you need them since the day of your purchase. You do not have to worry about beating expiration dates. Second, you save more when you buy more. You can gain the best value for your money when your purchase more credits as they include bigger discounts.

The new iStock credits are basically the same as the old ones. The only difference is with the price. Although the new credits are essentially more expensive at $15 each, they are now more valuable. They give you access to a la carte purchases of images, videos, graphics and music files in all different sizes. That’s right! You can now purchase and download images at any size for the same prize, helping you boost up your creativity while protecting your budget.

Subscribe and Save with an Image Plan

In the past, iStock has four types of collection. The new upgrade cuts that number into two: Essentials and Signature. The Essentials Collection includes royalty-free images that you can use in any project for as long as you like. You may also find similar images in other stock photo websites, such as Shutterstocl. On the other hand, the Signature Collection contain images that you will only find in iStock. The images are exclusive to iStock so the plan is more expensive than its Essentials counterpart.

Contrary to the previous iStock prices, size will no longer be a basis of image cost. You can easily choose whichever size fits you creative needs and purchase the image for the same price. A possibility to upgrade for a bigger size is also considered. However, this is only allowed for images licensed after the change. Older downloads can only be downloaded at the same size it was originally licensed. The subscription packages offered by the stock site are cheaper than Shutterstock.

With the new iStock prices more valuable than ever, we definitely recommend checking them out and buying whichever purchase method works for your creative needs and budget.

Explore Millions of Stock Assets with an iStock Coupon Code

istock photo promo code

iStock has been in business since 2000. For over 15 years, it has given artists around the world a platform to make money. It has also provided the creative community with a reliable and affordable stock image source. If you want to make a big impact through your creative projects, you do not have to break the bank anymore. You can rely on the stock photo website and our iStock coupons to jump-start your creative project.

iStock believes that their customers deserve the best content in the market. We, at Stock Photo Secrets, have the same sentiments. We want to offer our avid readers with the opportunity to further their savings through iStock promo codes. Our lasting business relationship with the stock photo website gives us the right to distribute valid and active coupon codes. We want you to experience incredible stock and flexible pricing at the lowest price possible.

Exclusive iStock Coupon Code 2016


In Stock Photo Secrets, we value our readers. We provide only active and valid iStock photo coupons. This exclusive coupons will save you 15% off on iStock subscription for all customers and 10% off on credit packages for new customers. Valid until June 30, 2016, these coupon codes provide substantial savings on download credits and image subscriptions. Both new and existing customers can benefit from our promo.

To redeem, choose a credit pack or image subscription you want to buy. You will be asked to log in your iStock account. If you do not have an account yet, create one for free. You will be asked to provide your billing and shipping information as well. Enter all necessary details to proceed further. At the end of the billing and shipping step, you will fill in your personal details. Just above the VAT information, you will find the iStock promo code box. Enter your code to see your savings in a few seconds.

Unlike other iStock promo codes, our exclusive coupons will give you 15% discount on yearly subscriptions. Other coupons only last for a short period of time. With our promo, you can guarantee the best content at the right price. The stock photo website already offers a great value for your money, but we make your sure you get the best. Whatever your occupation is, you will surely benefit from select codes.   

What are you waiting for? Redeem your coupon codes now and start downloading high quality royalty-free images for your creative projects. Whether you are a blogger, web designer or businessman, you will surely benefit from the additional savings that we offer. New and existing customers alike, we hope you enjoy 15% off on image subscriptions and 10% off credit packages from us. Keep in mind that the promo is valid only until June 30, 2016. Get it now!

Get Free Adobe Stock Images with this Limited Time Offer

what is adobe stockDo you want to find out if Adobe Stock suits your creative needs, without any commitment? Adobe Stock now gives you the opportunity to do so. It has a limited time offer that allows you to access its collection of over 50 million premium stock images and download up to 10 free Adobe Stock images. That’s right! You can now try the stock photo website free for one month. Here is what you need to know about the offer.

The offer is available to new subscribers of the Adobe Stock 10 images per month plan. It can also be added to your existing Creative Cloud plan. It is limited to 1 customer per offer and requires a 12 month subscription. You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible. The offer is not available to OEM and volume licensing customers, and residents of embargoed countries as well. More importantly, it expires on April 30, 2016 so you need to hurry and start your free month now.

When you subscribe to Adobe Stock annual 10 images per month plan, you will be given access to the stock site’s vast collection where you can download and use 10 images per month. You can also purchase additional images at $2.99 each if you need more images than the allowed downloads. You do not have to worry about unused downloads, too. Up to 120 of your remaining downloads can be rolled over to the next month.

By clicking this link, you will receive a one-month refund on Adobe Stock when you subscribe to its 10 images a month annual plan. The subscription is cancel risk free on the first month, enough time to determine whether the website suits your creative needs or not. At the end of your offer term, you will be charged with standard subscription rates automatically.

Summary of Features and Benefits of the Limited Time Offer:


The annual subscription plan required to avail the offer provides great features and benefits. For only $29.99 per month, you can download 10 images a month, purchase additional images at $2.99 each, and rollover unused downloads to the next month. Along with these, you also get to enjoy:

  • 10 free Adobe Stock images
  • Cancel risk free on the first month
  • Refund on the first month

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the offer before it ends. Keep in mind that the offer expires on April 30, 2016. You need to start your free month now to get the rare opportunity of experiencing Adobe Stock for free. Find out if the stock photo website suits your creative needs without commitment. Subscribe and get a refund on the first month today!

Dollar Photo Club Closed, 99 Club Open for Business


Have you heard the latest news in the stock photo industry? The Dollar Photo Club has decided to terminate their services this coming April. While this is bad news for active DPC members, it is not actually all that bad because they get to checkout other stock photo agencies that might have better offers. For one, 99 Club offers fairly the same product as the DPC with even better features and benefits.

If the Dollar Photo Club is a good stock site, why is it closing? After two years of business, the stock photo site has finally decided to terminate its services because it was acquired by Adobe’s very own stock photo agency.  The deal was completed in January 2015 but the actual termination will be on April 15, 2016, providing its users a chance for smoother transition to a better stock site.

What’s the best thing about the DPC closing?

dpc dollar photo club logoWith the Dollar Photo Club closed, users get to find a better stock photo agencies. Surely, there are a lot of websites out there that are more than willing to take in the orphaned DPC members. However, the more important thing is which of them these bereaved users will go to. The termination date is fast approaching. They should already have rounded up to a couple or three choices.

The DPC customer support remains open for further queries. They can pitch their concerns regarding the closure anytime. Once the stock photo site is permanently closed, they can no longer renew their subscriptions which means no payment methods will be charged in the future. The service will not be accessible anymore so they will not have access to their image history anymore.

What stock photo agency should you consider as a Dollar Photo Club alternative?

As mentioned above, a number of stock photo sites are available for the Dollar Photo Club members when the site closes. All of them are great but the orphaned members need something familiar, but better. Luckily, there is one stock site that offers fairly the same product as the DPC, only with better benefits and features. It is curated by Stock Photo Secrets so they can be sure that they are getting premium quality images at very attractive prices.  

99 Club has over 4 million stock images, illustrations and vectors in its library. All of which are available in various sizes from small to XXL. The annual subscription plan includes 200 images, which is twice the allotted download of the Dollar Photo Club. The image downloads do not expire, which means you can use the images forever. Moreover, the website is here to stay. It will be around for over 10 years and members can manually renew their subscription every year.